Welcome to the
Theta Corporation of Alpha Chi Omega website. We are active alumnae members of the Greek Community at the University of Michigan, and as we represent the Theta Chapter house, we strive to foster a safe and healthy living environment for our members. Our focus is to create an environment that supports our members and upholds the mission of education at the University of Michigan. 

Theta Corporation of AXO is dedicated to preserving both the historic legacy of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority housing, as well as working to ensure a robust, high-quality living environment for collegiate members in the years ahead.

It is our hope that this website will serve as a meeting place where alumnae can come together to support the AXO organization and renew our connections to a rich and meaningful part of our collegiate experience.

Please let us know if you have any questions about Theta Corporation of AXO – past, present or future – and feel free to weigh in with any suggestions you have on how we can improve the usefulness of this site.

We remain loyally in the bond. 

Contact us at: AXOmichHC@gmail.com